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 Wireless Amplifiers

There are two ways of transmitting digital audio wirelessly to an amplifier, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. We have selected the best designs on the market.

In-Wall Amplifiers

In-wall amplifiers can be flush or surface mounted for a pleasing aesthetic solution when space is at a premium.

Music Systems

Compact hi-fi systems providing a neater and more stylish alternative to separate components.

Power Amplifiers (Inc. Multi Channel Amplifiers)

Amplifiers for driving either a single pair of speakers or multiple pairs. These require an independent preamplifier or volume control.

Stereo Amplifiers

Amplifiers for reproducing stereo sound through either two or four speakers.

Subwoofer Amplifiers

Pure amplification for passive (unamplifed) in-ceiling, in-wall and in-floor subwoofers.

Surround Sound AV Amplifiers and Receivers

Amplifiers providing surround sound decoding. These output audio to multiple speakers creating multi-channel surround sound.

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