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Sunfire HRSIW8 In Wall Subwoofer System


In 1972, graduate student Bob Carver turned an ordinary classroom assignment into the beginning of the iconic brand of home audio products that is Carver Audio. That assignment - to build a machine that would simulate earthquakes - became the springboard for a four-decade run of innovative 'firsts' and 'onlys' that have continually raised the benchmark for the entire home audio industry. Headquartered in California, Core Brands is a division of the Nortek Technology Solutions Segment and combines the product and marketing strengths of ten iconic audio, power management and control brands. These include the ATON®, BlueBOLT®, ELAN®, Furman®, Niles®, Panamax®, Proficient®, SpeakerCraft®, Sunfire® and Xantech® brands. Core Brands has more than 190 years of combined experience in the residential, commercial and professional markets and over 4,300 direct customer accounts in multiple distribution channels in the United States and around the world.


Powerful. Thoughtful. Formidable. That best describes the new Sunfire In Wall 8 Subwoofer System. Wrapped in a cabinet so thin and sophisticated that you can use every one of those Watts with virtually no mechanical vibration whatsoever. And bass performance that can play your movies, music and games with the kind of accurate reproduction that shows no favouritism. A ‘Credit Card’ Sized Remote Control with One-Button, Pre-Programmed Sound Modes is included.

Every Sunfire engineer knows that the way each individual frequency relates to another has a significant influence on the fidelity - or level of detail of the final performance. Sunfire's exclusive FFD Technology is what makes the In Wall 8 Amplifier the perfect soul mate for the In Wall 8 Subwoofer’s prodigious bass capabilities.

StillBass® - When you eliminate the mechanical vibrations normally inherent with all in-wall subwoofers, you have just one brand remaining: Sunfire. That’s because Sunfire invented a technology called StillBass. StillBass cancels, or even eliminates those mechanical noises from Sunfire’s In Wall subs so that you’re free to turn the sound up and enjoy the incredible bass experience you’ve always craved. Clean, crisp and accurate bass that will give your music, movies and games a level of detail you won’t get in any other product of its kind.

Sunfire has created a system where the subwoofer, the amplifier and even the remote control are purpose-built to work together as just that - a system. Each component complements the other to provide what they believe are the best performance characteristics possible. And the best performance is what you think it is - not what anyone else does. Which is why the Science of Sunfire lets you dial in the sound that’s just right.


What allows the Sunfire In Wall 8 to rock your world without rocking your drywall and your family’s nerves along with it is an exclusive Sunfire technology called StillBass®. Originally designed for the unbridled power of the SubRosa, StillBass allows Sunfire to pack more power and performance into their in-wall subwoofers than any competitor products. And since the bass is what makes the biggest difference in your music, movies and games the In Wall 8 System is a force to be reckoned with. It is designed for easy retrofit mounting is supplied with a paintable magnetic white grille.

The HRS-IW8 Amp boasts 520 Watts RMS of power, can drive 2 of the HRS-IW8 Cabinets and includes Sunfire's Frequency Filtration Design (FFD) for detailed, high fidelity playback for all source content.

- Configuration: 2 x 203mm, Dual Active High Excursion Bass Drivers
- High Back-emf Design
- StillBass Anti-Shake
- Driver Impedance: 4.6ohm
- Frequency Response: 33-150Hz
- Maximum SPL (inc. room gain): 106+dB
- Cabinet Dimensions: 625 x 306 x 95mm
- Cutout Dimensions: 599 x 270mm

- Amplifier Power Output: 520 Watts RMS
- Crossover Adjustment: 30-100Hz inf. var.
- Phase Adjustment: 0-180° inf. var.
- Connections: XLR, RCA and high-level speaker inputs, 12V trigger input, IEC power cable, International voltage selector

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