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SONOS Connect:Amp


SONOS is a US company founded in 2002 to pioneer wireless audio systems, where they have assumed their position as the undoubted market leaders. The SONOS wireless Hi-Fi audio system delivers full-bodied sound thatís crystal clear at any volume as well as access to an almost unlimited amount of music from a wide variety of audio sources. It combines Hi-Fi sound quality and rock-solid wireless connectivity in a smart system that is easy to set-up, control and expand. The system is controlled with one simple app. developed by Sonos and subject to frequent free updates offering better sound quality or functionality. Multiple zones can be played independently of one another or simultaneously. There are three main types of player in the SONOS system: all-in-one players such as the Play:1, Play:3, Play:5 and ONE, the Connect for integrating other audio brands into the Sonos network, and the Connect:Amp for use with other brands of speakers (including ceiling speakers). There is also a SONOS PlayBar (Soundbar), Playbase and Subwoofer to complete the system. The Connect:Amp makes a virtually invisible speaker solution possible because it can be located out of sight, anywhere in your home. This could be in a cupboard, in the loft, or under the stairs. Then you simply connect appropriate ceiling speakers to play music absolutely anywhere you want without the ugly boxes in every room. Music in bathrooms, wet rooms and even outdoors is possible, and you can even connect your TV's audio to give you great TV sound through your virtually invisible speakers.


The Sonos Connect:Amp (previously known as the ZP120) is amplified, wireless, compact, and convenient. With its state-of-the-art digital amplifier, the Connect:Amp works anywhere you've ever dreamed of having music ó the bedroom, the bathroom or even the garden. All you have to do is plug it in, connect your choice of speakers and you've got a room filled with music. And with the Connect:Ampís superior wireless range, music lovers really can play all the music they love, all over the house. The design of the Connect:Amp is compact and contemporary so you can feel free to hide it away or leave it on display.

As of November 2013 the Connect Amp can now also be used to drive the rear speakers of a Sonos home cinema system. The Sonos PlayBar is used as the front speakers, and the Connect Amp can be integrated to drive a pair of ceiling speakers (or other speakers) as the rear speakers of the system.


- Energy-efficient Class D amplifier provides 55W per channel of power
- Operates silently as the amplifier is kept cool by the aluminum casing, not by a noisy fan.
- Tone and volume controls adjustable for each zone
- Optimize sound performance for each zone using zone-specific bass, treble, balance, and loudness controls.
- Adjust volume by individual zone or by groups of zones.
- Subwoofer output with automatic crossover. When adding a subwoofer, the Connect:Amp automatically adjusts the output to send the low frequencies to the subwoofer and the high frequencies to the speaker
- Dimensions: 89 x 185 x 207 mm
- Weight: 2.3kg
- Guarantee: 2 years

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SONOS Connect:Amp

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