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KEF Audio Stereo to Mono Transformer

KEF Audio

Founded in 1961 and now going strongly in its 5th decade, KEF is still developing world-beating products. Scientific innovation and hands-on experimentation continue to underwrite its reputation as one of the audiophile’s ultimate loudspeaker manufacturers. WE REGRET THAT KEF AUDIO PRODUCTS ARE FOR SALE IN THE UK AND IRELAND ONLY.


KEF's stereo to mono transformer is a device that takes the separate left and right speaker outputs from a stereo amplifier and combines them to provide a single mono output. The unit accepts two speaker cable inputs (from the amplifier) and provides a single speaker cable output (to a mono speaker). Speaker cable is not supplied.

Where you have the opportunity to install two speaker cables and require only a single speaker in the room, a single stereo ceiling speaker is a better solution as it will provide separation of the left and right stereo sound. However, in situations where there is no suitable single stereo speaker available, or only a single speaker cable has been installed and there is no opportunity to install another one, the KEF stereo to mono transformer is the perfect solution to enable combined left and right channels to be sent to a mono speaker without sacrificing sound quality.


- Combines left and right channels of a stereo signal for play through a single speaker
- No compromise to the electronics, speaker or musical signal
- For applications where installation space is limited to 1 speaker and only a single 2-core cable is available
- Suitable for use with all mono speakers
- Dimensions: 13.5cm x 6cm x 7cm

KEF Audio Stereo to Mono Transformer

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