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Ceiling-Speakers CX16/4


Ceiling-Speakers present a range of audiovisual products including cables, accessories and installation solutions. These products have been selected to offer very good performance at reasonable prices.


The CX16/4 is a high performance installation speaker cable with the added bonus of a LSOH fire rated outer sheath. It is designed to deliver good levels of performance in most multi-room and home cinema installations. This is a 4-core cable for easy installation of single stereo speakers or closely installed pairs of mono speakers.


- LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) High Performance outer jacket. Exceeds IEC332- 1, IEC60754-1 & IEC60754-2
- Large cross sectional area of high purity copper conductors ensures good performance levels are maintained - even on longer runs
- Sequentially metre marked
- Each core has 30 x 0.24mm strands of OFC copper and 1.3mm2 conductor area
- Approximate outside diameter 8mm (4-core)

It is often difficult to predict the exact length of speaker cable needed for installations. For your peace of mind, we offer our speaker cable by the drum with an offer to buy back from you any cable you may have left at the end of your installation.

Please note that this only applies to single lengths of cable returned on the original drum.

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Ceiling-Speakers CX16/4

5 Metres (10.95)
10 Metres (21.90)
15 Metres (32.85)
20 Metres (43.80)
25 Metres (54.75)
30 Metres (65.70)
40 Metres (87.60)
50 Metres (109.50)
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Prices include VAT @ 20%

In stock (next day delivery)

100 metre drum (208.05 inc. VAT)

(173.38 excl. VAT)

300 metre drum (591.30 inc. VAT)

(492.75 excl. VAT)

Or, specify quantity:

at 2.19/metre
(inc. VAT)

(1.83/metre excl. VAT)

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